Funny Easter Bunny, Sarcastic enamel pin

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GET A LAUGH with this Funny Sarcastic enamel pin - Me? Sarcastic? Never.

Give this lapel pin to someone as a gift this Easter!

Grab their attention with the cute bunny rabbit, then make 'em laugh with the sarcastic quote.

This sarcastic enamel pin features the cutest cartoon bunny you ever saw. Makes you think of Easter, right? Then on closer inspection, your friends will crack up laughing at what he's saying.

Enamel Pin lovers Unite

You know a pin obsessionist who'd love this brooch too. Awesome gift for the lapel pin collector.

Go Retro Style

Wear this brooch as a lapel pin, attach it to your car roof interior, pin it to your backpack, pair it with your retro denim jacket or blue tack it to your mirror for a daily reminder. Whatevs!

Why Enamel Pins?

Lapel pins / enamel pins, enhance any style, because they represent the wearer’s affiliation with a particular belief or cause. Besides, it is a cost-effective gift that’s light to post AND an epic solution to add an element of your own personality to the outfit you're wearing.
If you're looking for a white, funny sarcasm pin to attach to your backpack or jacket collection, then you've found it.
"☆☆☆☆☆ So cute! Just like the picture. Thanks."

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Material : Zinc Alloy
Dimensions: approx   1.1 inches x 0.75 inches [ 2.8cm x 1.9cm ]
Weight: approx 5g

Happy Easter bunny rabbit lovers

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